Monday, July 6, 2009


Wargods of Aegyptus is running a 'World Campaign' at the moment, and one of the scenarios calls for cargo sledges (actually wagons, but I think sledges is more appropriate)

So I thought I'd build some... and then given how easy it was, I thought I'd share it.

5mm balsa for the sled
3mm MDF for bases
Something for the load : I used Hirst Arts blocks but chunks of extruded polystyrene would make a good alternative
Something to pull the sled
Spare charioteers

Small drill
Sharp knife

Cut up your bases

Work out what you're going to use for loads and pre-assemble them.

Cut out the sides and crossbars

Sides should not be more than 50mm long and I'd suggest about three times the thickness of your balsa

The crossbars should be about 12mm wide and the width of your load plus twice the thickness of your balsa plus about 20mm.

Take the crossbars and notch them down slightly so that the narrow down about 5mm wider than your load. Try and do this as evenly as possibe so that the narrower ends are identical.

Take a crossbar and push it into the sides a bit so that it indents the balsa where you want the crossbars to go.

Drill out the corners and cut out the slots for the crossbars. It helps to stack them so you can drill both sides at the same time. This keeps your alignment.

Assemble the sides and crossbars

Drill through the crossbars just outside the sides.

Whittle a little peg from a matchstick and put it into the holes you've just drilled. This holds it all together in a pleasing and authentic fashion.

Paint and put on base with whatever you have to pull the load and your charioteer.

A lucky find!

A few weeks ago at work I discovered that they were throwing away large sheets of polystyrene, used as transport packing... about 1200mm square and 70mm thick. Gloriously thick stuff.

So, after asking, I started grabbing it. :)

Now, all I have to do is (a) store it and (b) find a worthy use for it... and keep my eyes open for more.

I've already rebuilt my hot wire cutter and started cutting it up into 600mm squares.

I have visions of Omaha beach bluffs... and point du Hoc.