Wednesday, September 9, 2009

MOAB 09 - The Runaway Bride

Well, this is not so much a new post, but a delayed post. It's been a while since I posted anything... anywaya lot of the oxygen has been sucked out of my gaming the last few months, real life keeps getting in the way. However, I'm running a comp at MOAB in less than a month so I've got to scrounge time to get ready for it.

The game is Wargods of Aegyptus.

The scenario is trying to locate a missing person : Helen, princess of Sparta and lately of Troy.

She and her handmaidens were shipwrecked and lost, scattered throughout the land and her husband has arrived at Thebes and is threatening all sorts of mayhem if she is not found.

The full details are at :

Anyway, it should be fun, spectacular in a sandy sort of way and keep us all off the streets.

And this time it looks like I'll be getting a decent turnout : between 8 and 12 players! Most I've had before is about six.

The only issue is the extra terrain... and for one scenario, the extra Necromancers! Luckily I have enough horde mummies for almost any eventuality.